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It is a surgical procedure that helps to lose weight and aims to reduce the size of the stomach, which helps you feel full quickly. It also works to change the way food is absorbed, so the food does not pass through some parts of the stomach and small intestine, so the body does not get all the calories in it. Which helps to lose weight. Dr. Yasser Al-Basatiny uses the latest technologies in this type of surgery.

Complete gastric bypass surgery with Dr. Yasser Al-Basatiny

  1. Dr. Yasser Al-Basatiny is one of the best doctors specializing in total gastric bypass surgery.
  2. He performs laparoscopic bypass surgery with the highest level of precision and skill.
  3. He has more than 30 years of experience in the field of obesity surgery using the latest medical tools in Egypt, which works to raise the level of medical quality and infection control.
  4. The absence of leakage is confirmed by performing a leak test during the operation.
  5. The operation is performed laparoscopically, using the latest high-resolution endoscope in Egypt.

Advantages of laparoscopic complete bypass surgery

  1. Feeling less pain after the operation.
  2. Reducing the length of stay in the hospital.
  3. It does not require a lengthy recovery period.
  4. There are no visible wounds.
    You can return to normal life and work faster than with traditional surgery.
  5. The recovery rate from high cholesterol and blood fats after gastric bypass surgery is 100%.

If you want to perform a complete gastric bypass to lose weight, you should resort to Dr. Yasser Al-Basatiny because he uses the latest high-resolution laparoscope in Egypt, which does not cause large incisions or scars. Contact us to learn more.

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