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It is a type of gastric balloon manufactured with high technology. We were able to make the size of the balloon vary to the size of a small capsule similar to the size of a regular medicine capsule. It is swallowed orally without the need for anesthesia and the capsule is filled with inert gas. This is among the modern techniques used by Dr. Yasser Al-Basatiny due to Because of his experience in everything related to weight loss and beautification.

Advantages of a gastric balloon or smart balloon

  1. The capsule stimulates the stomach wall to contract and contract so that the stomach’s capacity changes from 3 and a half liters to half a liter.
  2. The capsule helps to reach the ideal weight by reducing stomach capacity (reducing the stomach wall) and increasing the burning of fat stores.
  3. It stimulates the stomach wall, alerts the satiety nerve, and gives a signal to the brain to burn fat.
  4. It is highly suitable for obese patients, especially those whose weight exceeds the ideal weight by a minimum of 10 kilograms, and up to a maximum of 30 kilograms.

Gastric balloon or smart balloon results with Dr. Yasser Al-Basatiny

  1. A non-surgical procedure that involves inserting a silicone balloon into the stomach, then filling it by inserting a thin tube into the stomach.
  2. It does not take a long time to recover.
  3. An effective and safe way to lose weight in cases of severe obesity.
  4. It does not have any complications due to Dr. Yasser Al-Basatiny’s long experience in this field of surgery.
  5. It helps you feel full faster.
  6. Results vary depending on the nature of the case and the doctor’s experience, and because of Dr. Yasser Al-Bassatiny’s experience, he achieves amazing results.

If you suffer from excess weight and diets fail to make you reach the ideal weight that you want, then the smart balloon procedure is the best solution to reach the ideal weight with Dr. Yasser Al-Basatiny. Contact us to learn more.

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