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Gastric balloon in Egypt

Gastric balloon in Egypt

Gastric balloon in Egypt is a process used in the treatment of obesity and gives effective results. Obesity is one of the serious diseases toda. 

The increasing number of obese people is also evidence of our poor eating habits and how inactive we are.

So, we will discuss all reasons that cause an increasing number of obesity and what is a Gastric balloon?


What is a Gastric balloon?

The Gastric balloon in Egypt or “weight loss balloon” is a non-surgical method for treating obesity, and it may be a successful technique for people who have not been able to lose weight through traditional methods such as diet or exercise, and the gastric balloon is a simple laparoscopic procedure that helps to lose weight By inserting a balloon through the mouth into the stomach, then the balloon is filled with saline solution to fill the space in the stomach.

This procedure helps to feel full and full with less food by occupying space in the stomach, which reduces the desire to eat, which in turn helps to lose weight, especially when combined with a proper diet and exercise, and it is worth noting that the gastric balloon is a temporary procedure The balloon is implanted for six months and then removed.


Gastric balloon in Egypt

The gastric balloon is one of the means of losing excess weight, and it is done without surgery despite the term operation, it is done with an oral endoscope, or there may be some types of balloon that do not need to use the endoscope at all, and the balloon is removed if the ideal weight is reached, so it is a solution Distinguished for losing excess weight.


Who is the perfect candidate for a gastric balloon?

Gastric balloon surgery in Egypt is not suitable for everyone. Eligible persons are:

  1. To be between the ages of 18-70
  2. Those with a body mass index of at least 27
  3. For those who want to lose weight in a short time
  4. Those who do not have any serious health problems.
  5. In some cases of severe obesity with a body mass index between 35-40 without comorbidities.

Advantages of a gastric balloon

The Gastric balloon in Egypt has many advantages that make the patient lose weight without health problems, and these advantages are:

  1. A non-surgical operation done by endoscopy of the gastrointestinal tract.
  2. You do not need anesthesia, but the patient is given a simple hypnotic.
  3. It is a completely safe procedure if the right doctor is chosen.
  4. It doesn’t take long to do it.
  5. You can lead your life in a normal way after a few simple days.
  6. An easy and simple process that does not make you feel any pain.
  7. Its results are distinct in the event that the patient has a strong will, and adherence to the diet prescribed by the doctor.

How is the Gastric balloon performed?

The Gastric balloon in Egypt is a simple technique that is performed in the endoscopy unit of the hospital, and before the procedure, the Dr. Yasser Al-Basatiny will give specific instructions on how to prepare, what medications to stop, and laboratory tests that must be performed, and the procedure usually takes only 30 minutes, and is done under light anesthesia, and includes the following steps :

  1. The doctor inserts a thin tube (catheter) with a silicone balloon through the mouth and into the stomach.
  2. Next, the doctor inserts an endoscope — a flexible tube attached to a camera — down your throat and into your stomach, to view the balloon.
  3. The doctor fills the balloon with sterile saline and blue dye to fill up space in the stomach.
  4. The operation takes about half an hour, and the patient can go home one to two hours after the end of the procedure, and the balloon is left in the stomach for up to six months, after which it is removed, and the patient must adhere to a healthy diet and exercise after removing the balloon to maintain the lost weight.

Gastric balloon price in Egypt

The cost of the stomach balloon is determined according to the doctor, the location of the procedure, and the type of balloon. These criteria determine the price of the stomach balloon. As for its cost inside Egypt, you find that the cost inside Egypt is much lower than any other country, due to the depreciation of the Egyptian pound against many currencies. others in the world.


it can be said that the best obesity treatment doctor in Egypt is Dr. Yasser Al-Basatiny with confidence, as he performs the Gastric balloon in Egypt operation using many of the safest techniques. It was also known how the Gastric balloon in Egypt operation is performed in Egypt and the most important factors affecting the total cost as well. 

Gastric balloon in Egypt is one of the successful procedures that can change the general appearance of the breast and work to restore its vitality and activity forever, especially in light of the advantages offered by modern technologies, and its ability to reshape the body and treat the problems it faces with ease.


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