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laparoscopic gastric sleeve in egypt

laparoscopic gastric sleeve in egypt

Gastric Sleeve is a minimally invasive surgical procedure in the stomach, aimed at losing excess weight and getting rid of obesity. And also reduce the risk of obesity, which includes serious diseases that may threaten the continuation of your life, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, esophageal reflux, diabetes and stroke.

So, we will discuss all reasons that cause an increasing number of obesity in Egypt and what is laparoscopic gastric sleeve?

laparoscopic gastric sleeve in egypt

  • Endoscopic sleeve gastrectomy is a process that seeks to reduce the natural size of the stomach and make it smaller so that the amount of food it holds is about 200 ml instead of 1.5 liters, with the aim of reducing the amount of food entering it and thus reducing weight in a short period after performing this operation, by changing the way it goes Where food naturally enters the stomach and intestines.
  • The laparoscopic gastric sleeve in egypt works to control the body’s absorption of all nutrients such as vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals and proteins, so that this control process is ideal in the amount of absorption in a way that preserves daily calories and in turn reduces weight.

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How is a laparoscopic gastric sleeve performed?

Sleeve gastrectomy is an easy surgical procedure, which is performed laparoscopically by inserting small surgical instruments through multiple small incisions in the abdomen. Then the surgeon cuts a large part of the stomach, which is about 80% of the stomach, and the stomach is later in the form of a small tube, which helps the patient to reduce the amounts of food significantly, and then he can lose excess weight and get rid of obesity:

  1. The patient is completely anesthetized.
  2. The surgeon makes surgical incisions to insert the endoscope.
  3. Through a thin needle, gas is inserted to fill the abdominal cavity, and the roof of the abdomen rises to facilitate the operation.
  4. The surgeon cuts the stomach and staples it with modern surgical staplers through the endoscope tools and follows up the operation on the monitor screen.
  5. The surgeon performs a leakage test to ensure that there is no leakage from the stomach.
  6. Then the last step, which is the step of closing the surgical openings cosmetically.
  7. The patient is discharged to the recovery room, and from there to the regular room after his recovery.
  8. The operation takes about 45 minutes, and the stay in the hospital is only one day.

Advantages of laparoscopic gastric sleeve

  1. Your health improves after undergoing this operation, as you will find a big difference in weight before and after the operation, and reducing weight undoubtedly leads to improved health.
  2. You will feel a rapid fullness of the stomach and satiety after eating a meal containing a small amount of food, which maintains your health in general.
  3. The symptoms of chronic diseases such as diabetes, pressure and heart diseases, which are mainly associated with obesity and overweight, will end.
  4. Better aesthetic appearance.
  5. The duration of the operation is an hour, and the patient does not need a long stay in the hospital, as he can leave one day after the operation.
  6. Excellent results as a result of endoscopic augmentation.
  7. A quick recovery period and return to normal life within 5 days at most.
  8. The recovery period is short. After just a week, you can continue your daily life normally.

laparoscopic gastric sleeve cost

Obesity operations have become one of the operations that many people seek recently due to the spread of obesity and the amazing results of the operation, where the results of the laparoscopic gastric sleeve exceeded all expectations, where you can now perform the sleeve gastrectomy and get rid of your excess weight in a short period, and you will also notice a noticeable improvement in Your general health, as the operation proved its ability to treat blood pressure and diabetes problems related to obesity, and it also improved the patient’s psychological state after losing a lot of weight. Therefore, many are interested in knowing the prices and cost of gastric bypass surgery in Egypt, and here we will explain some points that may affect the cost of the operation:

  1. The name and reputation of the doctor who will perform the operation, as the reputation and skill of the doctor is a key factor in determining the cost of the operation.
  2.  Availability of a medical team and an anesthesiologist.
  3. The method of performing the surgery, through the laparoscope or through the surgical incision, where the cost of the laparoscopic surgery is higher, but it is better in terms of the small size of the openings, the ease of their healing and the speed of recovery.
  4. The type of devices used in performing the operation, as the use of smart staplers in performing the sleeve gastrectomy differs from the use of traditional staplers.
  5. The level, cleanliness and sterilization of the center.


it can be said that the best obesity treatment doctor in Egypt is Dr. Yasser Al-Basatiny with confidence, as he performs the laparoscopic gastric sleeve operation using many of the safest techniques. It was also known how laparoscopic gastric sleeve operation is performed in Egypt and the most important factors affecting the total cost as well.

Laparoscopic gastric sleeve is one of the successful procedures that can change the general appearance of the breast and work to restore its vitality and activity forever, especially in light of the advantages offered by modern technologies, and its ability to reshape the body and treat the problems it faces with ease.


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