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Single-port gastric sleeve in Egypt

We perform a Single-port gastric sleeve in Egypt through one hole in the navel in order to reduce pain after the operation and to prevent the presence of scars or marks on the skin after the operation. We also use a self-injection device (PCA), which prevents pain and makes the patient recover faster after the operation. Sleeve gastrectomy is an effective a nd safe way to treat obesity and treat complications of obesity such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

So, we will discuss all reasons that cause an increasing number of obesity in Egypt and what is Single-port gastric sleeve in Egypt?


Single-port gastric sleeve in Egypt

  • What is a Single-port gastric sleeve in Egypt? Sleeve gastrectomy with one hole is one of the modern techniques resulting from the use of the development of technology in surgical operations to provide the best service and obtain the best results for surgery and for the patient for sure.
  • And this surgery is done through the navel hole, through which all surgical tools and binoculars are inserted.
  • However, the new technique through one opening is very difficult and cannot be successful at the hands of all surgeons, because it requires very high skill and efficiency so that the surgeon can insert all the surgical tools and be able to perform the steps without harming any of the neighboring organs.
  • So, Dr. Yasser Al-Basatiny is the best because he has  more experience in this type of surgery.

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Normal Gastric sleeves And a single-port one

It is a process to get rid of excess obesity without visible wounds. It is called the bikini sleeve or the sleeve gastrectomy at the bikini line.

The operation is considered an evolution of the laparoscopic gastrectomy, which avoided many of the disadvantages of open surgery and is now performed without visible wounds.


How is the Single-port gastric sleeve in Egypt performed?

After the patient is anesthetized, a small hole is made in the navel area to insert the camera and surgical equipment and two other holes, each of which is 1 cm in length. These holes are on the bikini line in places that are not visible at all. After the operation is completed, these wounds heal in a very short time due to their small size.


Features of the single-port gastric sleeve

There are many advantages in this technique that outweigh the old technique, as we find that Single-port gastric sleeve is done through only one opening, which means less damage to the tissues because it reduces the infringement of the tissues of the body. And also:

  1. Much less pain than the regular technique due to only one surgical incision.
  2. Less pain now with the sleeve gastrectomy through the navel opening, as the fewer the openings, the less pain the patient feels, especially the period after the operation.
  3. The people who performed the sleeve gastrectomy through the navel hole enjoy an amazing aesthetic appearance, unlike the people who perform the traditional four-hole surgery, as it leaves them with a disturbing appearance of multiple scars and marks on the abdomen.
  4. Short recovery period and quick return to normal life and daily tasks.
  5. Not feeling embarrassed when going to gyms due to the absence of any traces or wounds as a result of the operation, as was the case with people who performed the traditional procedure of sleeve gastrectomy with 4 holes, as they feel embarrassed when exercising in the gym or entering the sauna and jacuzzi.
  6. Less hospital stay than regular surgery to heal a single wound quickly.
  7. Increasing the aesthetic appearance after this technique because there are no surgical effects.
  8. The blood loss is much less than the normal technique because there is one surgical incision and less damage to the surrounding tissues.

Is single-port gastric sleeve surgery right for you?

Single-port gastric sleeve surgery may be a good option for you if you have a body mass index (BMI) of 35 or higher and have been unable to lose weight through diet and exercise alone. Our team of medical professionals can help you determine if you are a good candidate for the surgery and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. 

Single-port gastric sleeve cost

  • We always display different prices for any operation in all the famous countries that perform the procedure, in order to get to know the level of services and how to get the best possible price.
  • We may find that the prices of sleeve gastrectomy are high in countries such as the United States, Britain, European countries and the Arab Gulf, because this type of operation does not receive any government or insurance support except within a very narrow framework.
  •  However, there are many countries that provide the same services at competitive prices and provide lower-than-expected sleeve gastrectomy costs. Despite this, we will be supposed to choose the best services and the highest quality in exchange for a good price that suits our circumstances before anything.
  • And this is normal, because the high cost here indicates the progress of the procedure, the speed of recovery, and the better quality of the process.
  • The prices of sleeve gastrectomy techniques vary, as they are lowest when following the traditional surgery technique, and the cost increases in the case of following the laparoscopic or robotic technique.


it can be said that the best obesity treatment doctor in Egypt is Dr. Yasser Al-Basatiny with confidence, as he performs the Single-port gastric sleeve operation using many of the safest techniques. It was also known how Single-port gastric sleeve operation is performed in Egypt and the most important factors affecting the total cost as well. 

Single-port gastric sleeve is one of the successful procedures that can change the general appearance of the breast and work to restore its vitality and activity forever, especially in light of the advantages offered by modern technologies, and its ability to reshape the body and treat the problems it faces with ease.


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